Ethnoveterinary Practices of Native Chicken Raisers in Davao Region, Philippines


A total of nine hundred (900) native chicken raisers were interviewed to verify the extent of ethnoveterinary practices in controlling diseases and parasites in Davao Region. In this survey, we analyzed the extent of usage of traditional medicine vis-à-vis with that of modern drugs. Twenty four herbal species, 5 ethno remedies, 7 herbal dewormers, 6 herbal insecticides and one method for eliminating fowl mites were documented. Some herbs have multiple medicinal uses and others vary in their dosage and preparation, thus, the need for standardization and validation. Results also revealed that a significant percentage of raisers niether treat (23%) nor deworm (41%) their flocks, an indication that some raisers do not consider native chicken production as an economic enterprise but just a source of food for the family.