Use Of Vermicompost Drippings And Other Vermicomposting Products For Better Growth And Yield Of Lettuce (Lactuva Sativa L.) Grown In Acidic Soil


Vermicompost drippings (VD) as one of the by-products of vermicomposting has not been given much importance in the Philippines as organic fertilizer for economically important vegetable crops. The study was conducted at the University of Southeastern Philippines- Mabini Unit to determine the potential of vermicompost drippings in growing lettuce.

The application of vermicompost drippings, vermitea, vermicompost significantly improved the growth and yield as well as the nutrient uptake of lettuce grown in acidic soil condition which is comparable with those fertilized plants with synthetic fertilizers. The application of different vermicomposting products had higher nutrient uptake and produced taller and heavier plants with bigger and more developed leaves which resulted further to a dramatic increase in yield. In addition, significant improvements of growth and yield of lettuce was observed when vermicompost was supplemented with foliar application of vermicompost drippings. Thus, growing organic lettuce could be grown organically using vermitea, vermicompost and vermicompost drippings but further improvement of growth and yield could be done by combined application of vemicompost and vermicompost drippings.